Friday, October 5, 2018

5 ways you can support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Want to support Breast Cancer Awareness but not sure how? Check out below!

1. Donate, Fundraise, and/or Partner: There are several amazing organizations that take donations, or you can fundraise and participate in walks/fun runs in search for a cure. Here are some sites that do amazing things for Breast Cancer Awareness!

2. Donate your Locks! Going through chemotherapy many cancer patients lose their hair. Wigs can cost a lot for someone going through treatment, however when your hair is donated you can give patients a feel of normalcy when going through treatment.

Check out Pantene's campaign Beautiful Lengths. This campaign partners with the American and Canadian Cancer Societies to provide women real hair wigs since 2006. Check out their site and see if you are able to provide a wig for a women battling cancer!

3. Wear Pink! If you cannot afford to donate money to the cause, show your support and wear pink in October. You can also support  by wearing the pink ribbon. 

4. Go Shopping for Breast Cancer Awareness: Visit ELLE and check out 21 products that you can buy that are cute and a portion goes to Breast Cancer Awareness!

5. Get Screened: Early detection is very important for saving lives. There are a ton of resources that shows you how to do self checks. It is recommend to perform a self examination once a month during ovulation. Also, educate yourself with early signs and symptoms of breast cancer, it can save lives.

Check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation for an awesome resource!